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Multidisciplinary training area

Foto di gruppo di una scolaresca davanti all'ingresso del Polo Lionello Bonfanti

The training of new men, with particular attention to the new generations, is always one of the cornerstones of company activity, in order to stimulate a conscious, responsible and critical mind-set and to assume the role of active and respectful citizens of a worthy civic and socio-economic system.

Under this big hat, therefore, all the contacts that occur with groups of students, visiting schools, training or vocational guidance centres, professionals, but also with simple visitors of the Polo Lionello who, passing through the polo, receive a good list of best practices to document the theory and possible practice of a civil economy and of communion, belong to it.

All visitors receive a personalized welcome and a brief presentation of the EoC system with the realities that compose it, both nationally and internationally, also involving the companies participating in the project, who live within the Polo.

In addition to the Polo, the discovery of other realities of the Citadel and the insertion of various laboratory paths are included.
The Multimedia Exhibition of the Social, Civil and Communion Economy, located in a large room on the upper floor of the building, now shared with the Fagotto recycling / reuse project, is an experiential path of rediscovery of the economy through the stories of people and companies that combine economy and values, market and solidarity, business and social inclusion. The path highlights the virtues and criticalities of the world of economics through graphics, images, reconstructions and it invites to know and imagine a just, more inclusive and oriented economy towards positive socio-environmental impacts.

In addition to the welcome and training of students, the multidisciplinary training offer is wide-ranging, aimed at a much wider target (professionals from every sector, companies, religious, curious to expand their knowledge and skills, in an exclusive and well-founded perspective on the civil economy and on alternative models to the traditional system). For this, refer to the COURSES section, which lists the entire current and past programming that you can follow.