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Polo Lionello Bonfanti

Entrepreneurial Pole and House of Entrepreneurs, Work and Relations Place, Conference and Training Center, Open Laboratory for a New Economic Culture, certified B-Corp

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A physical and value point of convergence for companies and individuals oriented towards a civil, inclusive, sustainable economy, which listens – and welcomes – the cry of the earth and that of humanity. By managing multifunctional spaces and proposing socio-economic and cultural initiatives, Polo Lionello Bonfanti is active in the field of:
1. Multidisciplinary training, 2. Wellness and lifestyles, 3. Sustainable development.


Last news

Affito sale al Centro Convegni

Il Polo Lionello Bonfanti offre la possibilità di affittare sale per la realizzazione di convegni o attività formative per alcune ore o per intere giornate. In particolare:
- 1 sala convegni 90 posti
- 1 sala (Pieri) 45 posti
- 1 sala riunioni 25 persone.

Rental rooms at the Congress Center

Polo Lionello Bonfanti offers the possibility of renting rooms for the organization of conferences or training activities for a few hours or for entire days.
● 1 conference room (with) 90 seats
● 1 room (Pieri) (with) 45 seats
● 1 meeting room (for) 25 people.


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