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Polo Lionello Bonfanti

About us

A network of reciprocity, a center for the creation of shared value, an open horizon, concrete witness, on the way, that another economy is not only possible, but also necessary!

First European Pole, inaugurated in 2006, today is the convergence point for the Italian companies that adhere to the revolutionary project of the Economy of Communion ( and for many other subjects, which, although they do not adhere specifically, are united by a vision of the world and of the economy-oriented towards the inclusion and integral development of the person, the society and the creation.

The Polo is a constituent part of the international citadel of Loppiano, in which it is inserted, where the economic action, in function of a common good, is a key component of the life of the city.

Polo Lionello Bonfanti (it is the name of the magistrate, focolarino, who was one of the pioneers of the citadel), managed by the E. di C. SpA benefit company, is today increasingly strengthening its identity through an open and dynamic development plan relating to 3 highly interconnected macro areas: managing multifunctional spaces, synergies with the territory and numerous national and international initiatives, it is active in the field of interdisciplinary training, integral well-being, and lifestyles, sustainable development.

The structure welcomes offices, companies of different products and services, associations, shares experiences, follows and promotes a wide range of networks, events, and projects, with a particular focus on the territory, organizes and hosts conferences, provides training and workshops. At the same time, it measures and tries to constantly improve the generated impact, guided by clear internal value parameters (Rainbow Score) and by a rigid standard of evaluation provided for by the Benefit Corporation status (B-Impact Assessment).

Not a center for “professionals only”, but a physical and value place, open to everyone, young and seniors, students and workers, to those who are thirsty for a renewed and truly sustainable economy; a polyvalent expression of that “culture of giving”, conveyed by the “Charisma of Unity”, typical of the Focolare Movement and declined in alternative forms of thinking and doing economy in a more civilized way, with the aim of contributing to the creation, at a global level, of a more equitable society that reduces social disparities, protects the environment, takes care of creation and focuses on the health and well-being of the community.

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MISSION: Sharing for a Better Living: becoming an open, inclusive and functional place and platform to develop existing projects and welcome new business ideas in line with the values of economy of communion and civil economy, sharing purposes and results for the creation of a better world. For everyone.


Important moments of Polo


  1. Construction of E. di C. Spa

  2. Inauguration of the Entrepreneurial Pole

    Point of physical and value convergences for an inclusive and sustainable human economy.

  3. Entrepreneurial Developing and culture of reciprocity

    The Tuscany Region approved "Entrepreneurial development and culture of reciprocity" project: an incubation space within the Polo.

  4. E. DI C. S.P.A. SOCIETÀ BENEFIT was born

  5. Pope Francis visits the citadel of Loppiano

  6. B-Corp Status

  7. ...onward together