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Polo Lionello

Entrepreneurial centers in the world

In addition to the Polo Lionello Bonfanti, there are five other entrepreneurial centers around the world that bring together companies adhering to the Economy of Communion proposal:

  • Polo Spartaco (Brazil – Vargem Grande Paulista),
  • Polo Solidaridad (Argentina – O’Higgins),
  • Polo Ginetta (Brazil – Igarassu – Recife),
  • Polo Mariapoli Faro (Croatia – Krizevci),
  • Polo Solidar Polo (Belgium),
  • The Box (Germany),
  • Polo Giosi Guella (Portugal)

Three other Poles are under construction:

  • Polo Francois Neveux (Brazil – Benevides – PA),
  • Polo Philippines (Philippines)

The peculiarity of these entrepreneurial Poles is to be built near the citadels of the Focolare Movement, to complete what aims to be a “sketch” of a society marked by fraternity.

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