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Businesses at Polo

Corporate and associative realities present

There are several companies spread throughout Italy – from Trento to Ragusa – that have taken up the challenge of the Economy of Communion. Activities included in all respects in the dynamics of the global market, belonging to the most varied sectors: from furniture to building construction and plant engineering, from IT services to management and financial consultancy, from medical services to pharmaceutical and herbal products production, from fruit and vegetable cultivation to gastronomy, from publishing to tourism. From their variety, a very rich panorama emerges and confirms how this project can be experienced in every business environment.

This section of the website promotes the network of Italian companies adhering to the EoC, which, through the search engine, allows users to get in touch with each of them, to learn about their products, services and buy them. The database relating to company information is currently being completed: it will be progressively completed in order to make space for the wide network of companies adhering to the EoC present throughout Italy.

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