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10 March 2022   |   News

Giovanni Bertagna Gallery

Saturday, May 29th was a very special day! To “open the dance” for the commemoration of 30 years of the Economy of Communion, celebrated in the afternoon in live world streaming from the Loppiano Auditorium, during the morning a very exciting moment at Polo Lionello Bonfanti was experienced. The gallery of the building, the covered outdoor space that connects the front side of the offices and conference rooms, with the rear part, has been dedicated to Giovanni Bretagna, a recently deceased entrepreneur from Brescia, who moved with his wife and his business to Polo Lionello Bonfanti. A pioneer of the EoC, a pillar of the life of the Polo, a dear friend of many. On this occasion, Lao Kwok Hung, an international artist, whose atelier is in Loppiano, wanted to pay homage to the Polo and this particular dedication with a wonderful work, depicting a sacred subject but revisited in a secular key and closely connected with the dynamics of the economy. A morning of celebration, living memory, economy, communion, beauty and art, this last one bearer of messages of intercultural and interdisciplinary dialogue. “Tre Marie” is the title of the work installed at the Polo, a sculptural group (iron, natural size) created precisely to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Economy of Communion, to honour the entrepreneurial Polo Lionello, a place of work and relationships, and to remember the figure of Giovanni, a man and businessman. “Tre Marie”, or rather, three representations of Mary, introduces Hung: the Virgin who unties the knots, the Virgin of balance, and the Virgin of discernment. To discover the meaning of this work and the connection with the Polo and the great sense of work embodied by Giovanni Bertagna, read the full presentation text here. Download the full text of the presentation of the work “Tre Marie” While to relive the shared moment, click here: