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6 June 2022   |   News

Book presentation: In Comunicazione

Bar “Il Polo” Book presentation


On Wednesday the 16th March, Cristina Montoya Professor of communication and intercultural dynamics at the Sophia University institute in Loppiano, researcher at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Colombia, presented her last book: “In comunicazione – Una prospettiva generativa” (In communication – A generative perspective).

The presentation took place in the Bar of the Polo Lionello, a place that represents more that a “simple Bar”. A space that immerses you in a literary lunch, where the pleasure of a hot meal and a coffee in company becomes a special moment of cultural sharing.

In the essay, the author analyses the importance of communication for the development of society, in relation to its changes. Communication, according to a generative perspective, it’s strictly connected with our own relational dimension. Communication has always been the main element for the improvement of life. We only need to think of this period of Covid19: with the advent of the pandemic, virtual reality become the main way of communication. And at the same time, we assist in the digitalization of relationships, with their connected risks. The new technologies, that are constantly updated, have revolutionized the way of communicating, but they have also increased the risk of superficiality in communicative relationships, drawing attention to social contradictions. In fact, in Occidental countries, more and more people have an internet connection and own a digital device. However, we assist to an increasing gap: in other countries, people live without electricity and don’t have the access to the latest technologies. So, on one hand, we are witnessing a continuous development of communication as opposed to a staticity and isolation, where communication doesn’t allow the development of a community dimension.

The Autor, also explains that people need “fixed points”, safe sources of information. In the past, it was simpler, you just had to open a book or a newspaper. Today, the digitalization of information has increased the difficulty to distinguish the true from the false. The increase of fake news and disinformation makes it difficult to navigate this net of data.

For Montoya, the generative approach is closely connected to the concept of communication. Thanks to it, man reaches that “stage of maturity” which allows him to go out of himself and think for the behaviour of his neighbours and the next generations.   

Communication is essential for the development of a virtuous network of social relationships. It’s the only thing that distinguishes us from other living beings that populate our planet. It has an essential role in our life and represents a relationship capable of generating co-respondence. Communication is life